221B methodology #7


  • A person who danced as a child, especially in ballet, will stand and walk with their feet pointed slightly outwards as an adult.
  • If a person has had injury that caused any amount of trauma, they will subconsciously touch the part of the body that was injured, even if it has long healed.
  • When at a shared meal, a person who comes from a large family will look at the quantity they are allowed compared to the number present, instead of just diving in and taking as much as they need.
  • People who have long fingernails on one hand and short ones on the other are guitarists. They use the hand with shorter fingernails to press the strings on the frets and the longer fingernails to strum or pick the strings.
  • If a person, when falling, automatically does a roll fall (a forward roll to protect them from falling) it indicates that they are practising karate, parkour and similar sports regularly.
  • Dust becomes visible on the surface of liquids left standing indoors after a day or so.
  • If a person’s right thumb is crooked, they are likely to play a woodwind instrument like clarinet or saxophone.
  • A person who has recently dyed their hair will often have trace amounts of the dye on their skin, mostly at the hairline. Typically more so if they dyed it themselves instead of having a professional dye it.
  • In America, a tan on the left arm is a good indicator that an individual has done a great deal of driving recently in a sunny area.
  • One can tell which adaptation of Sherlock Holmes a person prefers based on what they call the characters. Fans of more traditional series tend to call the two main characters Holmes and Watson, whereas fans of the modern television adaptation refer to them as Sherlock and John.

Disclaimer: These are taken from the “A Guide to Deduction” numbered pictures that can be found on Tumblr.

– Snowanna of 221B


4 comments on “221B methodology #7

  1. danielleg says:

    Thanks for liking. Even I thought I would repost the the stories.

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  2. danielleg says:

    The stories are going to be in a short story collection coming out this summer, there is a another one I wrote but want to save that one. I am working on my own book and plan to post one of the stories for that book.

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