221B methodology #5


  • Recent or current presence of cats or dogs is indicated by bite or scratch marks on furniture and people and hair clinging to exposed fibrous materials.
  • Who wears long sleeves and pants on hot days? People with something to hide – usually a wound or a tattoo. The next question is: why are they hiding it?
  • Women who wear high heels more often usually have shorter strides than women who don’t.
  • An avid violinist will usually have a bruise on the left side of their neck.
  • Walking speed is proportional to pressure placed on the toe, and thus can be observed through a footprint. A slow gait will have a greater indentation at the back, a fast one at the front. A runner’s footprint won’t have any heel print at all.
  • A golf player will often have a slightly less tanned left hand, due to the glove they wear.
  • A wallet with slits along the sides of the most easily accessible card slot often belongs to a regular commuter. Thin train tickets do not bulge the slots, but can cause frequent small damage to the wallet.
  • A liar tends to give too much detail within their lies; little unnecessary things they think will convince you their story is true.
  • People who usually wear glasses have marks on the sides of the nose’s bridge, left there by the nose pads.
  • Long, detailed and insistent excuses are an indicator of premeditated lies. People who used time to come up with an excuse don’t want to waste their time. (Or, generally: when people begin in error, they continue in error.)

Disclaimer: These are taken from the “A Guide to Deduction” numbered pictures that can be found on Tumblr.

– Snowanna of 221B

5 comments on “221B methodology #5

  1. daniellegastineau says:

    Hi! Nice blog post. I left twitter and didn’t even post why. I am done with social media.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, that’s ok – I don’t have any social media accounts either so welcome to the anti social – social club!😂😅😘


      • daniellegastineau says:

        Did I have to explain why I left on twitter? I had over 200 followers of mostly authors and book type people, I never really interacted with any of them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well no…People who truly love you and care for you don’t need your explanation on why you quit social media. All the others are merely strangers and you don’t have to explain yourself to them.😉


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