221B methodology #4


  • Piercings always leave marks or scars: the more recently the piercing was removed, the more prominent the mark.
  • A person who had used a cane for a very long time will sustain an uneven stance for a several months after.
  • If someone is lying to you they will look straight into your eyes, while people telling the truth tend to be more casual or at ease. The perception that most people lying look to the left is false.
  • People don’t like silence and will often rush to fill it. If you’re asking someone a question, you can get them to talk more about it by keeping quiet.
  • You can tell when a person is truly smiling at you by the amount of muscles moving in their face. When someone smiles truly at you their eyes and nose will crinkle. When they are not, the muscles are very stiff.
  • Statements with contradictions are more likely to be deceitful than those without contradictions.
  • You can tell what someone is thinking by where their eyes go. If they go up and to the left, they are imagining an image. If they go up and right, they are remembering an image. If they simply look left, they are imagining a sound. To the right means they are remembering someone. Down and left means they are recalling feelings, scents and tastes. Down and right is your internal dialogue.
  • Liars often respond with longer sentences.
  • The word “never” is often used in deceptions, especially when led with a question with the word “ever”.
  • A defined but hard to read signature is a sign they sign their name often, so they have a set signature but are lazy when writing it.

Disclaimer: These are taken from the “A Guide to Deduction” numbered pictures that can be found on Tumblr.

– Snowanna of 221B

2 comments on “221B methodology #4

  1. I’ve been researching about deception and stuff a lot these days and I was familiar with quite a few. Do watch the show Lie To Me if you can – it’s pretty much based on this and is brilliant! 😊

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