221B methodology #3


  • If a person has deep callouses of the fingers of only one hand, this normally signifies that they play a stringed instrument.
  • A pink or red palm indicates that a person has been carrying something heavy by a handle or handhold within the past 15-20 minutes.
  • If a person has jeans that are the right length and yet ragged around the bottom, it suggests that they have had a significant growth spurt within the past year.
  • If a person’s jaw locks, it can be a result of subconsciously grinding their teeth, possibly from stress.
  • If a person has an umbrella but hasn’t used it in the rain, it is likely that the wind was too strong for them to use it.
  • When somebody’s sclera shows many blood vessels or seems to be a little irritated, it isn’t always because of crying but also due to having dry eyes. People with dry eyes usually spend a lot of time in front of pc/tv screens or use their air conditioner a lot which dries the air around them and thus their eyes as well. Smoke also irritates dry eyes which can therefore be an indicator for one’s smoking habits.
  • To find out where someone is keeping something, their phone for example, tell them yours has been stolen and they will instantly check the whereabouts of their own, thus showing you where it is.
  • People who usually listen to louder music (such as rock) can have more difficulty hearing quieter sounds or music.
  • A smashed window will always leave glass on the side opposite to the place of impact.
  • A person who usually types will not have a signature, so when asked to write one the signature will either be overly flamboyant or printed.

Disclaimer: These are taken from the “A Guide to Deduction” numbered pictures that can be found on Tumblr.

– Snowanna of 221B

9 comments on “221B methodology #3

  1. The last bit is an especially useful tell. Love this series. I’ve learnt so many new tricks through this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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