A much needed virtual present🎁

Present? I LOVE presents! What is it? What is it??? *-*


Lets open it…



YEEEESSSSSS!!! LOOK!!! A SHOCK BLANKET! Much needed, indeed!😄



Lets put it on.



Ahhh, much better!

Well, hi ho!😄 Today I’m sending virtual shock blankets to anyone who’s in need of one. Why should I need one you may ask? Oh, c’mon! You know why. It’s OVER. Sherlock’s season 4 is o-v-e-r. *😭* I’m not going to review any of it because it’s not really my thing. I’m just going to say that I LOVED ALL OF IT. I know there are a lot of mixed emotions (most of them negative *unfortunately*) concerning this *possibly* final season of the show but to me it all made perfect sense, the cinematography and the acting were exceptional as always and I cannot say a single bad word about it. As Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had once said:

“I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.”

Simple as that. And since I really don’t know what else to say I’m just going to express my appreciation for the last episode – The Final Problem by showing you a few picture edits I made for fun.


The Final Problem Aesthetic Mood Board


Eurus’s song


My Baker Street Boys

Need I say more? Wrap yourselves up warmly in your shock blankets and have a cup of tea. Here’s to many more adventures to come! Stay SHERLOCKED!


– Snowanna of 221B


23 comments on “A much needed virtual present🎁

  1. I liked it. Some parts were awesome. Andrew Scott’s entrance (I WANT TO BREAK FREE!). John and Sherlock tricking Mycroft into thinking Euros is out. John and Sherlock’s ever-growing friendship. It was good.
    I just don’t think It was ‘Sherlock’. I think Sherlock himself was really out of character. Sherlock’s emotions never come to the surface. Well, they aren’t supposed to. And yet they did. Smashing the coffin, hugging his sister, preparing suicide. LIKE, It just was really disappointing for me personally. Probably the last Sherlock ep *Cries*.

    BUT, I LOVED THE ENDING. And these graphics are just awesome, wonderful job.

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  2. I don’t know what to say. I need to watch it again. Enjoyed it, definitely.

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  3. OY30 says:

    The “It is what it is” quote was originally said by John Locke.

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  4. Omg I love your blog & I loved series 4!!

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  5. Omg I’m so happy you liked my stupid post lol. I found your blog and this post is amazing. Thank you for the shock blanket I definitely need it. I suffered from depression and Sherlock saved me from it. Distracted me by making me try to solve a case in every episode and since then I’m in love. It’s so sad it’s over. My heart literally hurts. 😦 but seeing positive posts like this makes me happy! Bless you and this post and your blog.

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    • Hey, your post is not stupid, it’s great (Sherlock said that as well)!😘
      Don’t be sad! Great stories are never really over – they continue to live in our hearts forever.
      P.S. Shock blankets are always in stock here at 221B.😉

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  6. regulus98 says:

    I totally need a shock blanket! Eurus REALLY creeped me out! Marvellous acting. But I wish there were more episodes to look forward to (albeit with less drama and more of the chase, just Sherlock and John, with Sherlock being emotionally clueless 🙂 )

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