Snowanna of Slytherin!🐍 Yay…wait, what?!

My life has been pretty much defined by the wizarding world of Harry Potter since the greatest part of my conscious childhood is marked by the books and the films. Anyways, fast-forward to this very day (the first of the new year on which you’re supposed to feel at least a little bit more intact with yourself having made all these life changing new year’s resolutions *insert sarcasm here*) – the day I finally took it to the next level and let my destiny be determined by the magical Pottermore quizzes.

By the way, this is not one of those “Oh my Lord, I have been sorted in the most dreadful house” kind of posts. I’m just sharing the results. There was a brief moment of a super intense existential crisis but you know…life is life…let it be…

snowanna-of-slytherinSo…Slytherin…serpents, Dark Arts and stuff…I have to say I hate snakes but hey – that green colour though – sassy, classy and Norse God like (in an alternative universe Loki would totally be a Slytherin, too so I would not be asking the Sorting Hat for take two. I’m staying right where I am…for Loki and for fashion).


Well hello there…😏 Loki in Slytherin by luthienelf/

Speaking of alternative universes – what house do you think Sherlock would end up in? Here’s a pretty convincing article:



Most people think that Sherlock would be a Ravenclaw but this pretty little Prezi presentation suggests something else… (I would definitely turn the Internet upside down to convince myself that Sherlock would be sorted in the same house as myself simply because I am a voracious person who wants it all)

Moving on to the next part of the Pottermore journey to finding your one true wizard self, here’s my Patronus (not gonna lie – I’m very content with this one).

siberian-cat-patronusIT’S A CAAAAAT!!! A BIG, FLUFFY, FAT CAT!!! It definitely compensates for the serpents… and it’s not only a cat but a SIBERIAN cat to go with my snowy name. *pride*

And last but not least the wand:


Again, I’ve had a slightly different idea on how I would like my wand to look like and I have craved that unicorn hair core for as long as I can remember but as I made it clear before this is not a whiny “Pottermore, why are you ruining my life?!” post, it is an “embrace your vicious, wicked nature that you have been hiding all these years” post. *ehehehe* Seriously though…that wand screams ‘Death Eater’ to me…is it possible to straighten it a little bit…?

Well that is it from me…my life is now sprinkled with more green and silver (in the best possible way). Hey! Kermit the frog, is it possible that your famous “It’s not easy being green” song is actually the story of you being a Slytherin struggling with the common misconceptions about your house?


Now you tell me – what house did you get sorted in and did you retake any of the quizzes or embraced your destiny like I so bravely did? Let me know in the comments below and show me your house pride! And Gryffindors please don’t be strangers!

P.S. The Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry did not spare me, too…I got sorted into Horned Serpent…now I’m waiting for snakes to start talking to me. *great*ilvermorny_wallpapers_horned_serpent

– Snowanna of 221B


6 comments on “Snowanna of Slytherin!🐍 Yay…wait, what?!

  1. Iron Girl says:


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  2. meggyswan says:

    Slytherin is BY FAR the best house😂

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  3. I’m a Ravenclaw myself. I must say I prefer the theory of Sherlock being a Ravenclaw, although he is brave in the sense that he goes into dangerous situations without police backup (very Gryffindor) or that he has a disdain for rules, thinks he’s cleverer than everyone, pickpockets Lestrade when he’s bored and says that a murder ‘perks things up a bit’ (so Slytherin), so he could be in any of the three.

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